Nonprofit organizations often depend on year-end fundraising to generate the revenue needed to maintain services in the new year. With the challenges that 2020 has brought to our communities, the demand for services is higher than ever – especially for food banks and human-service organizations.

How can you ensure that your nonprofit stays strong in fundraising efforts through the end of the year? Here are a few ideas to help:

Show Previous Donors their Results

Many organizations are shifting focus to tap into donors who gave earlier this year. The stock market rallied and has maintained a strong outlook, which means many of your largest donors have made it through the storm with minimal impact.  Use your board members to reach out to these individuals to share the success your organization has had delivering its mission to those whom it benefits most .

Through this approach, you can show the impact their support had in helping families through this difficult time. This emphasis enables people see how they are making a difference through their donations.

Replacing In-Person Events

Social distancing and limits for group gatherings have organizations scrambling to find new solutions for year-end fundraising. Instead, focus time and resources on check-in calls or virtual events. The most important thing is to ensure that donors feel like they are engaged in the effort. When people are committed to the organization’s mission, it increases the likelihood they will participate in the fundraising efforts.

Monthly Donations

Whenever possible, show donors how their contributions have lessened hunger and homelessness and given hope to so many. Since there is no end in sight for this pandemic, donors might be more willing to commit to monthly contributions. Offering this donation option has increased monthly donors by as much as 70% for some organizations.

Building Relationships

More than ever, building relationships with donors is key. Keeping an open line of communication demonstrates to people that your critical work is moving forward stronger than ever. Showing the impact their gifts have made opens the door to promote additional needed support.

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