Strategic Planning

The most successful and far-reaching institutional advancement programs are guided by carefully developed strategic plans, ensuring that each facet of the program supports overarching goals. Guided by a clear plan, every board and staff member better understands the importance of his or her role and actions in implementing the key elements of the plan.

A far-reaching project like this should be board led. It is their responsibility, working with staff leadership, to recognize when a new, refreshing look at the organization’s future is necessary, and to take the appropriate steps to ensure it is carried out. It is one of the most important of the Ten Basic Responsibilities of a Nonprofit Board.

Drawing on almost 100 years of collective fundraising and institutional advancement experience, Mirenda & Associates uses the Board Self-Assessment results to assist board leadership in recognizing when a strategic planning initiative should be carried out and guides them through the comprehensive process. Then, we work closely with board and staff leadership to develop a carefully researched and executed strategic plan that serves as the road map for all capital, annual and planned fundraising and other efforts to enhance the organization’s public standing.

Our strategic planning studies have the following objectives:

  • To assess thoroughly the comprehensive development and public awareness programs and create detailed recommendations to maximize their effectiveness;
  • To strengthen and develop board fundraising awareness and effectiveness;
  • To enhance the impact of fundraising communication and advancement materials and plans.

Typically requiring 2-3 months to complete, a Mirenda & Associates strategic planning study evaluates the relationships an organization has with community leaders and prospective major donors. By outlining how valuable partnerships with key individuals can be maintained and improved, we are able to provide your board, administrative leaders and development staff with the facts they need to improve the scope, structure and effectiveness of your fundraising program.