Funding Programs

Annual giving and the engagement and stewardship of new donors are the keystones of any successful fundraising program. They lead to major, leadership and legacy gifts, ultimately ensuring the future of your organization.

How comprehensive is your development program? Does it include all the critical elements to ensure success?

Donor Acquisition and Upgrading

Do you acquire an adequate number of new donors annually? Are you able to research the capability/capacity of these new donors? Do you have an effective donor upgrade program? How well do you steward your donors? Do they get the same, boring thank you letter which, you hope, will inspire them to give again?

Foundation and Community Partnership Funding

Do you take full advantage of private foundation funding available to your organization? Do you explore partnerships with other, local nonprofit or quasi-governmental agencies?

Planned Giving

When was the last time you received a bequest or were the beneficiary of a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust? Do you know how many (if any) of your constituents have remembered you in their estate plans? Do you know how to discover that?

Governmental Support

Are there federal, state or local government programs that might support your organization? Do you know how to find them?

Does this myriad of questions face you every day as a top development professional striving to increase the level of philanthropic support to meet the ever-growing needs and demands of your constituents? Let the team at Mirenda & Associates partner with you to find the answers you need.