Campaign Planning and Feasibility Studies

At Mirenda & Associates campaign planning and feasibility study is comprised of a detailed fact-finding and analysis followed by the presentation of a written report. We provide the insight and guidance an organization needs to make an informed decision whether or not to initiate a campaign. If the decision is to launch a campaign, our studies provide the planning and implementation steps to complete it successfully.

Our studies aim to achieve the following:

  • Determine the level of awareness and financial support existing for the organization and the proposed project.
  • Provide an opportunity to educate and cultivate prospects and potential leadership about the value and need for the work of the organization.
  • Discover potential leadership donors for a campaign.
  • Identify potential volunteer leadership for a campaign or special project.
  • Create a realistic timetable to prepare for and initiate a campaign or special project.
  • Determine the organization’s internal capability to prepare for and carry out successfully the proposed campaign, and make recommendations to add fundraising capacity, both in staff and budget if needed.

Our comprehensive approach helps your organization focus on solutions that strengthen your long-term financial viability.