Building Your Board

Recruiting and educating the right mix of people for your board is essential to achieving goals, expanding vision and sustaining organizational success. Mirenda & Associates provides a solid foundation through the following services:

Comprehensive Board Self Evaluation

Is your board struggling with defining its role? Has it become bored, moribund, unsure of its role and direction? Has your organization reached a critical juncture in its development and needs to determine a new strategic future? Has there been a major shift or vacuum in organizational or board leadership? No matter which of these events may be paralyzing your board’s ability to lead, Mirenda & Associates can help provide a solution.

Working in conjunction with Board Source, the Washington, DC, organization that is the recognized leader in nonprofit board leadership that supports, trains, and educates nonprofit leaders from across the country and throughout the world, Mirenda & Associates can conduct a Board Self-Assessment (BSA).  The BSA builds the foundation for establishing board development priorities and motivating board members, individually and collectively, to strengthen the full board’s governance performance and practices. Let us assist you in charting the future of your organization.


With a proven track record of developing national boards and chapter networks, we provide sound strategies to attract, recruit and effectively involve volunteers at the board level. We can also provide recommendations for board leadership positions and templates of board documents to guide your organization.


The current environment requires that board members are more knowledgeable than ever yet remain objective in their analysis of the organization. Increasingly, board members must take charge of their own development and training. Once the right board is in place, it is then critical that all members are equipped to carry out their governance, fiduciary and fundraising responsibilities.

Using the results of the Board Self-Assessment, Mirenda & Associates works directly with key individuals to empower them to best represent the interests of the organization, its clients and its donors. Further, we can help each member understand the right questions to ask, the most important indicators to monitor and when to advocate for constructive change.

Please contact Mirenda & Associates if you would like further information about the Board Self-Assessment, and how we can assist you and your board move from being good to outstanding.