In my last article, I discussed how most nonprofit boards don’t measure up when it comes to engaging fully in fundraising.  Now, let’s look at how the organization and board leadership should carry out the essential responsibility for providing financial resources to carry out the organization’s mission.

The CEO’s and development staff’s effectiveness linked to board member participation.

The responsibility for board motivation and leadership lies with the CEO and development staff. The effectiveness of their leadership has a direct impact on board members’ participation. And, national studies have shown, they will have better fundraising success when more board members actively participate.  Taking leadership and accountability for this responsibility will have a positive impact on the board and staff members.

This starts with top-down leadership. When the CEO, Board Chair and other board leaders are actively engaged in building the right culture and mindset, board members will naturally step up their level of engagement. Without strong guidance from leadership, it’s quite common for the board to assume that others are carrying out the responsibility for fundraising.

Where does your board rate when it comes to fundraising involvement? Is it one of the 46% that has full participation?  Or, is it one of the 17% that doesn’t participate at all?  If your board isn’t highly engaged in fundraising, now is the time to make changes that will shift the culture to board member engagement in this process.

Ongoing Training and Support

Even though fundraising expectations should be set when board members are recruited, engagement doesn’t occur without clear direction from staff and board leadership. Support and training should be regularly available to assist board members in seeing the long-term vision. Not only will this give them a clearer idea of how to become engaged in fundraising, but it will also encourage them to become more actively involved in the ongoing support and leadership to move the organization forward.

At Mirenda & Associates, we understand the challenges facing nonprofit boards regarding their active participation in fundraising. Our team is here to help! We provide both experience and tools that can change your nonprofit’s culture and increase fundraising engagement among board members. For more information about boosting your results, talk to our experienced team about the available training and resources. Our goal is to help you develop strong leadership in your nonprofit organization.