In September, two San Diego County nonprofits announced their plans to better serve community needs by merging. San Diego Rescue Mission and Bread of Life Rescue Mission in Oceanside have joined forces, saying that the partnership allows them to better accomplish their shared goals while saving on costs.

Not only will the merger allow for more efficiency and broader impact; the new joint effort is part of a bigger vision. Both organizations expressed the desire to grow and fill the need for emergency shelters in areas that are lacking in assistance. While the new San Diego Rescue Mission saves on items like insurance and software systems, they can now dedicate themselves to reaching more people in need.

To that end, the organization is reaching out to other faith-based nonprofits in the area, through a program they call a Bigger, Stronger, Faster. By aligning with other organizations, everyone can accomplish more together.

Other nonprofits would be wise to take note of the idea. In fact, there are at least three compelling reasons to consider partnering or merging with other nonprofits, such as…

Collaborate with other experts. Ultimately, making an impact on your community is your true mission. When you partner or merge with another nonprofit, you will combine your expertise with others who have developed their own niches. Everyone learns from one another, and your organizations will reach more people and create more impactful change.

Combine your infrastructure. Perhaps you each have something the other needs, or together you can accomplish the same goals at a lower cost. From human resource departments to insurance coverage to upgraded technology, running a nonprofit is not inexpensive.  When two or more nonprofits combine resources, they can accomplish their mutual goals with lower overhead cost. 

Maximize donor impact. Your donors hope to make a difference, too. But nonprofits pursuing similar goals often find themselves competing for donations. Your benefactors will be pleased to learn that their dollars stretch farther, because funds are being used more efficiently. Combining resources with like minds also means that donors aren’t forced to decide between multiple organizations, all of whom they want to support. It’s always easier to write one check than two or more.

If you are interested in collaborating with another nonprofit, numerous grant opportunities might be available to you from several national umbrella groups.  There is no obligation to follow through with the plan, but organizations stand to gain major benefits from considering it.

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