It is universally understood that board members must be involved in fundraising efforts. But, too often, board management and governance responsibilities become blurred. Not only does the board oversee ongoing programs, but every board member should be actively engaged in ensuring the organization has adequate financial resources.

Because, in truth, the fundraising responsibilities of the board should be linked directly to the organization’s mission, values and vision. As I discussed in my previous article, the board should have its own mission statement, one focused primarily on participation in fundraising efforts.

Is Your Nonprofit Board Actively Engaged in Fundraising?

Take a moment to consider the current participation level of your board in fundraising. Since the board approves financial transactions, it stands to reason they also carry the duty of determining how to ensure enough financial resources. Here are a few factors to consider in helping you gauge the current fundraising culture of your nonprofit’s board:

  • Where would you rate your board in fundraising interest and engagement?
  • Does your board make a significant contribution to the organization’s bottom line?
  • Do you have enough resources for necessary program and general operating funds?
  • Which sources are generating the most revenue?
  • Which board members participate actively in securing gifts?
  • What activities are taking place to ensure financial resources in the future?

Unfortunately, too many boards lack the overall commitment needed for active fundraising. If you find that board members are reluctant to participate in fundraising, that is a good indication you need to focus on building the board’s fundraising culture.

Ongoing Training to Build Fundraising Culture

Even if initial expectations during recruitment are focused on the board’s fundraising responsibilities, you might be experiencing a disconnect somewhere, if the board members aren’t participating. Ongoing training and expectation management are key points that will help you move forward more effectively.

Our experienced team at Mirenda & Associates is here to help with the immediate and ongoing support needed for board training and management. Over the years, we’ve designed effective systems that ensure optimal performance of each board. For more information, we invite you to contact us to learn about the available support and resources for your organization.