Our Mission

The mission of Mirenda & Associates is a personal one, derived from decades of service to the philanthropic and nonprofit communities and inspired by those leaders who have made a major impact within them. Our mission is to build a stronger, more successful nonprofit community by partnering with nonprofit boards to achieve visionary, transformational leadership.

By working with our clients to uncover their unique qualities and defining characteristics, we aim to set them apart from others in a densely populated landscape. We will identify what makes you special and ensure that your staff and board leadership are well-equipped to deliver your mission in the most meaningful and effective way possible.

Our Beliefs and Values

At Mirenda & Associates, our reputation and credibility are based upon one thing – integrity. We realize that our recommendations are critical to an institution’s future, and our advice will always be in the client’s best interest.


We believe in supporting and respecting individuality, and that diversity should be embraced and celebrated. We honor the dignity of differences in the areas of ethnicity, religion, family composition, physical and/or cognitive abilities or historical experiences.

Ethical Standards

We operate, deliver services and relate to each client according to the Code of Ethics of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Therefore, we serve our clients on a fee-only basis and are not compensated through a percentage of contributions.