I hope this finds you and your loved ones well and safe.

This pandemic is presenting cataclysmal challenges never experienced by your board, most of whom are unprepared to deal with them. Yet, it is a time when you and your board must make seismic changes in how you are doing business and continuing to carry out your mission in these unimaginable times.

In the most recent articles, I sent out, which are also on my website, I predicted we will all be in a “new normal” when this crisis is over. The title and theme of the current Chronicle of Philanthropy goes further and calls it a “New World”

In these articles, I discuss how to deal with these seemingly overpowering obstacles. As we know, today, more than ever, nonprofit boards need to provide strong, decisive leadership to their organizations, because those decisions will shape their futures.

Yes, the Stimulus Bill will assist you. Apply for every grant and loan for which you are eligible. But, don’t assume that, once you are stabilized and have your staff back, you can return to your previous normal. Because we will now be in our New World.

However, you can take control; you can be smarter and learn the lessons from this culture-shattering event that will successfully shape your future if you are willing to accept the situation and proactively come up with solutions to these and other questions:

  • Has your board been giving their intellectual resources, actively providing you with creative thinking, planning acumen and personal and emotional support?
  • How are you going to cultivate and solicit your major donors? How will your board members be engaged, because as we know, they must continue to be?
  • How are you evaluating their current engagement so that you’ll know which ones no longer belong in your New World?

I would like to partner with you to prepare your board members, assisting them to:

  • First, analyze whether your traditional platform and programs will continue to be relevant after this crisis.
  • Secondly, help them re-imagine the future of your nonprofit within the “New Normal.” This is a critical exercise if nonprofits will be able to continue delivering their mission effectively.
  • Lastly, help them understand what their new role will be.

Call or write me to obtain a one-half hour of free consulting time to help you identify your major challenges and to discuss how we can work together to provide a needed, unique training for your board members. I look forward to speaking with you.